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“Kwako sitoki!” Juma Lokole pours out his heart to Diamond Platnumz

April 15, 2020 at 12:48
“Kwako sitoki!” Juma Lokole pours out his heart to Diamond Platnumz

Juma Lokole is no longer a new name in the entertainment industry thanks to his boss and friend, Diamond Platnumz.

Juma Lokole

Well, for those who don’t know who Lokole is then allow me to reintroduce the young man. Rumor has it that he is Esma Platnumz gay best friend who also happens to have a close relationship with Diamond Platnumz.

For a while the fella has been defending and bashing anyone against the Dangote family; so basically we can say he is quite close with Diamond Platnumz and his family who also happen to like him a bit too much.


Anyway after two artists signed under Alikiba’s label walked out on the singer; Juma Lokole had something to say about this and surprisingly he chose to show loyal he plans to remain to Diamond Platnumz come rain or sunshine.

Lokole and boss, Simba

Through his Instagram page, Lokole showered his ‘boss’ with praises saying;

😂😂😂😂😂 ……. kwako sitoki ata uje na winchi au greda 😂😂😂😂😂 ………!!! Siyo shabiki mahandazi mimi kabisaaaaa 😂😂😂 ……. Kufa kuzikana nishakunywa maji ya bendera kwako baba 😂😂😂…….!! SIMBA


Cheed and Killy poached

According to Juma Lokole, Cheed and Killy called it quits after they were offered Tsh 1 Million shillings by another recording label; believed to be Konde Gang.

Lokole laughs off at AliKiba

Anyway Lokole laughed this off as he went on to promise Diamond Platnumz his loyalty  saying;

Maana kuna watu wamepewa 1M ….. wamemuacha msanii Wao 😂😂😂 apana dunia hi ……! Mara video zake anavaa vibaragashehe siku zote ulikuwa wapi usiseme ayo





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