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Loss Is Painful, Please Refer To Me As A Father Of Two- Willis Raburu’s Request To Bloggers After Daughter’s Untimely Demise

August 16, 2021 at 11:41
Loss Is Painful, Please Refer To Me As A Father Of Two- Willis Raburu's Request To Bloggers After Daughter's Untimely Demise

Media personality Willis Raburu has expressed his deep feelings for his late daughter by issuing a statement about being referred to as a ‘father of one’ by bloggers. The Citizen TV presenter has taken to his Instagram to disclose his treacly sentiments to bloggers and requesting them to refrain from the same; adding that he still feels the pain of losing his daughter, Adana; who passed on during the process of birth in 2019.

In the statement released by him; the nostalgic presenter also noted that he’s not a first time parent as blogs put it; reiterating that he now has a son; whom he loves dearly;

Adorable daddy and son moment: Willis Raburu shares new photo cuddling his newborn - Ghafla! Kenya

Willis Raburu Holding His Son-Google

”Recently, I got an amazing young boy. I see Heaven each Time I look at him. He truly my heart. I am therefore without a shadow of doubt a FATHER OF TWO. Not a new father.”

He continues to plead bloggers to refer to him as a ‘father of two’.

”I would therefore like to request the blogs who know me to refer to me as such. Loss is painful but can never be negated, no matter what or who thinks so. It’s humble request not a demand, should you still continue to refer to me otherwise is Ok. I know my Truth. That Willis Wayne Edwin Opiyo Otondi Raburu is a father of Two”

Well, from his humble request, I bet it’s high time we change this for good.




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