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Media personality apologizes to husband after publicly lusting over Eric Omondi’s new body

November 19, 2020 at 19:38
Media personality apologizes to husband after publicly lusting over Eric Omondi's new body

Carolina Carlz who is a well known celebrity in the country upset her Caucasian husband following a video she shared lusting over Eric Omondi.

As seen on the video, Carolina Carlz could not stop drooling over the new body Eric Omondi has been rocking for the past few months; but little did she know that the fun and games would get serious thanks to jealous hubby.

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Carolina with hubby and daughter

Carolina’s husband identified as Bais Kelis who happened to come across the post angrily hit back at his wife with a bitter comment; questioning her on why she publicly embarrassing him to an extent of showing fans. He wrote

Whats this supposed to mean? After everything I have done for you! Who is @EricOmondi?


The apology

Well marriages have always prove to be hard; and this time around Caroline Carlz almost upset the man she adores with a harmless video of the renowned comedian.

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Of course it’s understandable for any man in his position to act the same way; but just to prove that she (wifey) was indeed sorry, Carlz issued a public apology where she wrote;

Am sorry honey about yesterday’s post. It was just a moment of weakness to a Kenyan man that I admire professionally. You r my weakness. My dzaddy.. and you damn fine n don’t need the #EricOmondi Oil…❤️ @baisikelis

Oops that was close Carolina! Judging from how marriages and relationship have ended with no notice this 2020; she better count herself lucky because that was a close call!




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