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Milly WaJesus’ mother thanks Kabi for transforming her daughter’s life

October 13, 2020 at 15:23
Milly WaJesus’ mother thanks Kabi for transforming her daughter’s life

Milly WaJesus mother is grateful she did not stand in the way of her daughter and Kabi WaJesus relationship when she was still in campus.

This she revealed during Kabis flashy birthday event, while giving a speech and narration of how her daughter and Kabi fell in love, that has today blossomed into a young family and well-known personalities.

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According to Millys mom, she is grateful she let her daughter follow her heart which has eventually brought the family nothing but God’s blessings.

The WaJesus


Recalling the first time she met Kabi, he did not look like the type of man she would allow to marry her daughter, having graced their housewarming event where he was the photographer.

And according to Milly’s mom, Kabi had probably been invited by one of the neighbors.

Kabi WaJesus in Huruma

“The first time I met Kabi, he had come for our housewarming party, looking like he had relaxed his hair with so many cans of TCB,” recalled the mother.

The next time they were meeting, however, was when Kabi had come to seek for Milly’s hand in marriage, having completely transformed and given his life to Christ.

Even though she was reluctant at the time, she remains grateful that she accepted the two to be an item because they have since been a blessing to them.

The WaJesus family

“When I see the two of you here, I ask myself questions. If I had prevented you from taking away my daughter, right now I don’t know where she would have been,” posed the aging mother.

The WaJesus couple have not only been an inspiration spiritually, but also for young couples, through their content creation on YouTube.




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