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Miss independent: Huddah shows you who’s boss after unveiling a sample of her upcoming shoe line! (video)

November 02, 2020 at 14:11
Miss independent: Huddah shows you who's boss after unveiling a sample of her upcoming shoe line! (video)

Huddah Monroe has been in Dubai for about 11 months now and judging from the way this socialite is moving; let’s just say that she will not be going broke anytime soon!

So far she has not only announced about her perfume business but also cloth-line and now a shoe line! Hold up Huddah you’re moving too fast!

But having been brought up in a family where they struggled to make ends meet; Huddah hardened up and became a hardworking hustler – and as you can see, she has indeed worked her way to the top despite all the negativity.

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Huddah’s shoeline

Money moves

As her stalkers continue to ask how she can afforded to stay in Burj Khalifa for months; and still slay in designer – Huddah is busy chasing her paper like never before.

This past weekend, the former socialite cum business lady unveiled a classy slide heel – showing fans what to expect from the upcoming shoeline set to drop soon.
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Judging from the shoe seen on the video below, all I can say is that Huddah must be one smart hustler; looking to change the future of the unborn in her family. At this rate of course her great grand children will not know what poverty is; and this is because Huddah has been learning a thing or two from the royal family she has been spending time with on the low.

Anyway, while Vera Sidika is busy entertaining her husband Brown Mauzo; Huddah on the other hand is looking for ways to get richer.




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