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Mnachunga Mtoto Kweli? Brown Mauzo And Vera Sidika Excite Fans With Romantic Dance (Video)

November 19, 2021 at 12:44
Mnachunga Mtoto Kweli? Brown Mauzo And Vera Sidika Excite Fans With Romantic Dance (Video)

The arrival of baby Asia doesn’t seem to stop Vera Sidika and her hubby Brown Mauzo from having their own fun and time together. To spice up their relationship, Brown Mauzo cheers up his woman every now and then without necessarily giving attention to critics. The two have shown their playful side a couple of times; depicting they’re definitely not a boring couple.

In a video shared by Vera, the duo is seen dancing to a romantic song; with Vera behind the camera. She posted the video and captioned;

”About last night 🥰 while Asia is deep asleep. Mom & Dad have the most fun 💃🏻😂 I love my hubby @brownmauzo254 so much 🥺❤️ we have the best moments ever! Perfect match. Truly, there’s someone for everyone!”

Vera Sidika, Brown Mauzo welcome first child, name her Asia Brown

Vera and Mauzo welcome their baby-Google

Everyone Wants To Hold Baby Asia

After the arrival of their baby girl in October 20th, the two sweethearts have been expressing their perpetual love for her; stating how much of a blessing she is to them and the in-laws; especially her mum; who she claims doesn’t want to keep her out of sight.

”One day my mom stayed the whole day without holding Asia. Weeeh. My bro just told me; mum is unhappy today coz she didn’t get to hold Asia. Waaah things r thick. Then she says I like holding Asian in my bedroom & I am not letting anyone hold her or spend time with her.

Ati I’m spending too much time with Asia she’ll become anti-social. Ati even when she’s asleep I just stay beside her & watch her sleep LMAOO. Well, true I’m pretty obsessed. But!! This is my child. She’s just jealous. I s*****t she wants to take over my child…”

Even though the love for baby Asia is evident, we’re still waiting to see her face. Below is part of the clip of their dance;




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