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A mother eulogizes her son after he was gunned down by Hessy

November 08, 2017 at 17:29
A mother eulogizes her son after he was gunned down by Hessy

City cop Hessy means business. For the past few months he has made it his business to get rid of young men practicing life of crime.

The Gaza gang leader and his wife Cleah also suffered the same fate leaving behind young son. Hessy has also dealt with other members after issuing a warning through his Facebook page.

Innocent Peter Omayo one of the members was killed about a month ago. However, before meeting his death, Hessy had shared a Facebook page urging him to change before he comes for him.

Seems that he did not hid to the advice and just like the rest, he lost his life. His family buried him yesterday at a low key funeral held at Langata cemetery.

The late Innocent’s family was joined by friends and other young boys who showed their last respect. The boys mother who was also present poured out her heart to her late son saying:

Innocent Peter Omayo’s mum tribute

“My dearest son, innocent Peter Omayo, I love you so much and l thank god for giving you to me. I thank god for conceiving you, the time i carried you for 9 months, gave birth to you, breastfed you, took you to church, took you to school and for the time we laughed together, quarrelled together differed together and reasoned together.I thank god for your transformation and restoration. I thank god for the last time i spoke with you on the 4′ october 2017 at 5.39pm. I will always remember the way you observed cleanliness. I thank god for so much towards your sister samantha. I kindly ask you, son, to rest in peace and allow me and your sister samantha to move on and to be what god created us to be. You will forever remain in my heart till we meet again in heaven. Shine on your way handsome and the perpetual light shine upon you and may god grant your soul eternal rest. Amen.”

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  1. This is so painful

  2. Youths plz reform this Hessy guy is not good

  3. Rest in Peace

  4. I feel for the mom,this is bad

  5. I feel for the mom,this is bad

  6. Gone too soon,he looks young??

  7. I used to feel for these young guys deaths… But after witnessing firsthand two of them stabbing a young girl in Huruma when she refused to let go of her phone…. I don feel shit for them.

    You either reform or eat lead and go explain to God what u’ve been doing with your life

  8. Sometimes, we do things that are contrary to the values our parents taught us, walls start thinning in and we lose it all, leaving our parents to suffer and bear the pain and shame… This is sad

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