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Nabii Tito tries to kill himself

January 26, 2018 at 14:17
Nabii Tito tries to kill himself

Tanzanian popular false prophet Nabii Tito has allegedly tried taking his own life.

As reported by several Bongo news outlets; Tito cut himself with a razor on his stomach and had to be rushed to hospital.

He received 25 stitches before he was discharged from hospital. This unfortunate incident happened at his house where the police had escorted him to such his house.

The prophet is said to have rushed into his bedroom; where he later emerged holding a razor blade covered with blood around his chest. This confirms that he is a disturbed man who is expected to check into Milembe hospital for the mentally disturbed.

Police detain false prophet

This come a few days after he was arrested by the Tanzanian police for spreading false News concerning the Bible.

What shocked many is that he preached something totally different in his ministry.





  1. Guy enjoying publicity is he really mad

  2. He must be disturbed so much

  3. Poor guy needs help

  4. What is the world coming to

  5. I don’t how he got all the energy to do all he is doing

  6. Hahahaa Prophet tries to act propheticious so that he can conqer your faith guys. Moses dried the Sea,Jesus re-called the dead peoples, Tito cuts himself and survive the death…. What a funny world to live as Lucifer is still gainning a power.

  7. this man is a really creaz.the jail is the place for this man and his woman

  8. daaaah

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