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Nana Gecaga speaks on being married and pregnant for MC Jessy

March 18, 2020 at 13:56
Nana Gecaga speaks on being married and pregnant for MC Jessy

Word has it that Kenyan businesswoman, Nana Gecaga is married to and pregnant for comedy act, MC Jessy reports she has dismissed.

Just this week, local publications put out reports that the two personalities got married and are even expecting a child together.

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Allegedly, the two held a private wedding in Italy. Reports fueled further after MC Jessy went public on his marital status as: Taken.

Nana Gecaga with MC Jessy

His message read:

All girls who have been salivating for me and disturbing me in my inbox should now know that I´m someone´s property. I belong in the first class family.

The KICC CEO however took it on a light note, laughing out the media reports as ´fake news´.

She shared a screenshot of the story´s front page on her Insta stories that headlined:

Uhuru´s niece Nana Gecaga marries comedian MC Jessy in a secret wedding.

Tagging the Churchill Show comedian, she posed:

@jessythemc apparently we´re now married 🤣💦💦💦

Further bashing:

Fake news working on OVERTIME TODAY


A different local publication held that Nana was expectant and probably for MC Jessy.

Is Uhuru niece Nana Gecaga pregnant with MC Jessy baby? dating or just friends?

The corporate executive came out in disbelief about the ´false´ reports admitting that people must be working ´Overtime´ to spread information without facts.


@jessythemc come see quick🤣💦💦💦💦

People working OVERTIME

Rubbishing the reports, Nana Gecaga clarified that she is not pregnant but she has now been forced to work ´Overtime´ as well, to get rid of her bulging belly that is raising speculations of a possible pregnancy.


Nana Gecaga´s bulging belly giving clues

President Uhuru´s niece had her birthday early in the week, one which the popular comedian attended and headlined.

MC Jessy and Nana Gecaga seem to be close allies. They are alleged to be working on a project together.





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