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“In need of that vitamin D” Pastor Kanyari’s younger sister confesses

November 10, 2017 at 08:20
Wahu starlet

Wahu Starlet must be giving the likes of Huddah a run for their money. She is a young lady with a stunning body and if I am not wrong has been catching the eye of many on Instagram.

The 20 something year old lady recently shocked many after parading her $8,000 bracelet shared on her Instagram. According to her, this was a gift from her boyfriend who adores her like the queen she is.

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Though he flew all the way to come see her, Wahu Starlet implies she did not get enough Vitamin D. The lady revealed this through her social media pages where she went on to add that she meant enough Vitamin D from the sun. She wrote saying;

Christian background

Wahu Starlet is nothing like her other siblings. Judging from her brother’s and mother’s career seems like they chose to serve God’s people but Starlet on the other hand is working towards a modeling career.





  1. We know she want the D the vitamin is a decoy

  2. She is enjoying the attention

  3. She looks fine though

  4. Families always have one different person

  5. She is better than Kanyari who is a known con

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