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“Ni temporary tu!” Kenyans take a jibe at Otile Brown’s ‘new flame’

April 06, 2020 at 10:51
"Ni temporary tu!" Kenyans take a jibe at Otile Brown's 'new flame'

Otile Brown recently stepped out with a mzungu lass and fans speculated this is his new babe after dumping Nabayet.

It is quarantine season and Kenyans are spending more time indoors than any other time. RnB singer, Otile Brown however decided to take a trip to the cold and frosty Ngong hills but he was not alone.

6 in the morning, he was confronting the chilly breeze of the Ngong hills.

A spot he is believed to have tagged along with his Mzungu  babe.

Mixed reactions

Kenyan in-laws are not ones to joke around with. Taking to his comment section, the singer’s online family called him out for playing a game he cannot win.

Some mocked him for going Global, comparing his habits to East Africa’s Simba, Diamond Platnumz, others believing her had lost his sanity.

Tanzanian singer, Diamond Platnumz

A section tried to ask about Nabbi’s whereabouts, with a couple of fans confirming that Nabbi and Otile are past tense and probably his baby mama.

Ex-lovers, Otile Brown and Nabayet

However, like the common saying among trolls, some attested ‘wataachana tu’ because the mzungu lady looks already too old for him.

tony_slay254 Ulichoka na Jiko saa umeamulia Gas 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯



shillah_jivani@tony_slay254 uzuri wa jiko huisha ukiona walekin gas utabaki mataani



gifted__brian Akizeeka huyu ata kua sura mbaya..😂😂😂 rudia tu Australian


dan_malls @gifted__brian Ni Ethiopian @gifted__brian ni temporary tu


tamm_ybabe @gifted__brian huyu mmama hapaaa pthooooooo😂😂😂😂😂😂😂she’s already a shosh😂😂😂


joyblessed9998 @gifted__brian hakuna mtu ana sura poa akizeeka, kila mtu hukaa kulia.


nthusiii._ 😂 what happened to nabii??


samsonmuasa_ @nthusiii._ tulia wacha twende international kama world cup hatuqualify ngoma na NGOMA tuko sawa


liliyannah @nthusiii._ nikama waliachana hata photos walidelete😂


waynashe_wayne @nthusiii._ nabii is the baby mama😂


fancymengi @waynashe_wayne baby mama? Where is their baby😂😂


latifsalma1996 @nthusiii._ nabii was very fine ,this celebrities cannot just settle with one gal


simply_kett @latifsalma1996 it’s not always about beauty dear.


gloc_9_savage Dopee 👑👑💲💲❤


rachaelwanguindirang 😔😔😔 my otile❤️



its_p_km @rachaelwanguindirang kama kawaida wataachana tu. Just relax don’t worry 😂
i_am_wanjiru_@rachaelwanguindirang unaye mpenda hakupendi anapenda mwingine ata asiyempendanga🤣
The lady identified as Maddijewitt, is believed to be his new catch.





  1. "Ni temporary tu!" Kenyans take a jibe at Otile Brown's 'new flame' - Kenyan Digest : April 6, 2020 at 11:01 am

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  2. Otile you are not that type of man to act this way. Can you please settle atleast? Acha kutuaibisha sisi kama fans wako. You now have a mzungu who seems to be mzee kukuliko?? Please think about it. Hiyo sio ligi yako please.

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