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Nigeria’s Rema drops new jam dubbed “Beamer(Bad Boys)” as he features Jaimaca’s Rvssian

February 24, 2020 at 14:30

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One of Nigeria’s fastest rising star Rema has dropped a new exciting jam dubbed “Beamer(Bad Boys)”. This is a quest to diversify afrobeat music.

For a while now Nigeria music has topped charts for the longest time.

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According to Apple Music Beats, Rema said collaborating every single artist has their roles to play.

For him, he is the commando in the army of the new generation music. Rema released three EPs in 2019: Rema, Freestyle, and Bad Commando.

Further, Rvssian is the founder of Head Concussion Records, a music production company situated in Kingston, Jamaica.

How the two joined up for this Beamer jam am yet to find out but it was totally worth it.

Beamer(Bad Boys)

This is a song that revolves around everyday contemporary life. The hip kind of life that most ladies dream of every day.

In what seems like a bragging right, Rema is clearly hitting on a girl or girls flossing about his beamer.


He even goes on to floss about his money and how he wishes to spend it on a woman and most of all he swears to protect her.

He warns other people that try to take her away from him. Protection huh!!

On the other hand, the girls confess how much they love Bad Boys like Rema. The guys that are willing to spend on them. I know many ladies can relate to this.

Lyrics and production

The song’s lyrics are a mix of pidgin English from Nigeria and that Jamaican vibe. This makes the song stand out and well we love this.

He is clearly becoming the superstar of this generation’s music in Nigeria. In the meantime, we appreciate the job well done in this song we want more music Rema. Seems like Africa was also waiting for you.

For rating, I will go with 6/10.Your thoughts?

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