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No wonder Duale went crazy over her! Audio of Nazlin Umar using her sweet sexy voice to milk Duale dry released

November 06, 2017 at 14:26
No wonder Duale went crazy over her! Audio of Nazlin Umar using her sweet sexy voice to milk Duale dry released

Aden Duale was completely smitten with Nazlin Umar Rajput. Their clandestine affair was exposed by the Nairobian on Friday November 3rd.

It emerged that Duale and Nazlin had been dating for three years from the leaked conversation. The majority leader in the National Assembly was earnestly begging Nazlin to give him a second chance to love her.

The former presidential candidate was grumbling about Duale being an absentee lover. She tells Duale to spare extra time to be with her in the leaked conversation.

Aden Duale

“You know you can show it in ways like when you leave home or when you are going home, before you do that you can even pass and come be with me. There are so many ways, even in the car, in the parking… there are so many way you can be with me,” Nazlin Umar tells Duale ways which he could create time to be with her.

Nazlin speaks with a sexy voice

If you hear Nazlin speak in the leaked audio you would think she’s a teen fresh from high school. I don’t know whether she was pretending but there is a part in the audio where she cries while telling Duale how much she misses him.

Nazlin Umar

Such kind of tricks are what make men empty their bank accounts. Nazlin asked Duale to buy her a beautiful home and a Lexus. And guess what, the Garissa Town MP was ready to part with anything to win Nazlin over.

Listen to the audio below:








  1. This is crazy but is it real?

  2. A woman can tame a man,this is Duale,the one we all know?

  3. Boss buy madam a home and a lexus…hehehe Duale is under siege

  4. Timothy Wafula : November 6, 2017 at 2:48 pm

    The things men do for love

  5. Who leaked this tape? but love can work miracles

  6. Nazlin is a fine woman,lightskins winning out here

  7. Big problem for team mafisi if he can buy a house and lexus tumeisha

  8. Mwana haramu haleti shangwe : November 6, 2017 at 10:47 pm

    Aii duale ata wewe unaweza mtu huyo nazlin kwani ana wank kwa simu.yawa

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  10. nonsense!!!! my point goes to the two women; Nazlin& Madam Adan Duale that Nazlin should respect and avoid perishing Duale’s marriage. its sounding sinful falling in love with ones meet and morer heart broken felt particularly when it publicly spread. Shame on you both Duale and NazliN; On the other hand, Madam Duale play your role as a wife. I 100% blame you for not satisfying your Duale for this extend of out-eye twinkling. Give him what men supposed to be given, assuming the samosa and sausage arent different. muache kuleta aibu zenye hapa. ama hamkula ujana , minyoo

  11. Why is duale spending so much money for something Nazlin was given for free?

  12. Enyewe one man’s food another man’s poison.. nairobi mzima, uyu ndio duale amechagua na ako na pesa ya NYS? Sasa angekua broke ingekua aje? ma mboch?

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  14. Wah! Hayo ni mapenzi

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