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Ochunglo family fashion “Mbinginji imekulwa na ndogi” to their Banger taste

September 16, 2019 at 17:55
Ochunglo Family

Ochungulo family are at it again with a new hit; one that is currently 6th on trending with steadily rising views and counting.

“Mbingiji imekulwa na ndongi” is  now a banger  just days after  an audio of a kid saying the same statement  in a Meru accent went viral. Talk of utilizing opportunities.

Even from caption below the song, they say that the little kid’s  accent and voice is wonderful.

To the team they thought she deserves recognition at her young age so that her future is reserved in Kenya’s archives.

Clearly  Ochungulo Family makes music out of anything

This comes just a month after the gengetone groupie deleted their song  “Kong’o” from youtube.  Reason?  We don’t know.

“Mbinginji imekulwa na ndogi”

“Mbingiji imekulwa na ndongi” transalates to the dog ate the gum-I know, it doesn’t make sense to me either.

But who cares?!! A nice song was made out of it.The chorus is simply made up of the little boys statement.

Further the song  itself is made of  pure creativity revolving around the simple phrase hence coming up with a club hit.


As expected there is no line that will auger well with the Kenyan holier than thou souls.  And well, this song is all about having fun but also carries all sorts of vulgarity.

But well that is not the point for a club banger the song is just about those things that our regulators say they should stay in clubs.

Need I explain more?

Alehandro “the love doctor” leaves a sensational touch in the second stanza.

The song also fits in the signature Kenyan music that’s currently rising in the face of Ethic, the sailors among others.

As we wait for the video to this song we shall keep dancing to this tune appreciating the boy’s effort.

And for rating purposes I give them a 6/10. Listen and give us your thoughts.




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