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¨It was bad reporting¨ Octopizzo takes legal action against KTN for character assassination

March 26, 2019 at 12:52
¨It was bad reporting¨ Octopizzo takes legal action against KTN for character assassination

In an interview at Kiss 100, on ´Breakfast with the Stars´ he opened about his 2019 setbacks.

Not long ago, the rapper was alleged to have been behind the murder of Kenneth Abom, a Strathmore University student.

Rapper, Octopizzo (center) with Kiss 100´s Adelle and Shaffie (left)

He however explained the situation to Kiss FM´s Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru:

The problem I had was with KTN.

It is sad that media people didn´t take time to research all because they wanted to report fast and first to get clicks.

In fact, I will never do an interview there.

It was bad reporting and I took legal action.

The award-winning artist was taken aback by the move that the local TV station took, just for credit.

I was having a good time and my uncles, aunty and grandmother were calling me asking what is going on because it was from people who hadn´t called me for more that 7 years.

He narrates the fateful day when his name made the headlines, not painting such a good picture of the Kenyan rapper.

I had to talk to my daughter and the teachers in school to avoid children making fun of my daughter.

It was not about my career breakdown but it was about my family especially my daughter.

Hip Hop artist, Octopizzo with daughter, Tracy

He sadly reveals that this had had a big blow on his immediate family, especially for his daughter.

It was however not the end for him.

Behind celebrity life, we are human.

People deal with us like we are some sort of gods or creatures.

People just want to take advantage of us.

I did not talk to people for 2 months and went straight to the studio.

His education background

Octopizzo may not be a registered Kenyan University student but he is definitely a student in a globally renowned University.

Activist, Octopizzo

I went to school in the UK for a social impact class, finished and got my certificate.

I am now a student at Havard studying leadership organizing and action.

A move ignited by:

This came after a push when I hosted Bobby Wine here.

I was asking him why he is struggling to be in government trying to change things.

It´s all about power, but for me, I want to change policies because it doesn´t matter who is the leader as long as the policies are still in action.

His support system

With all these people I got to learn my true friends and family.

Three artistes called me.

King Kaka, Juliani and Nameless who took to Twitter.

Kenyan artists, Nameless (top), Juliani (bottom left), Octopizzo, King Kaka and Khaligraph (bottom right, starting left, respectively)

The Kibera-bred Kenyan hip hop artist hand-picked his true friends and family and points out that he has definitely learnt his lesson.

I will always be Number 1.

Octopizzo is also an activist and he is more concerned about the current situation of the Kenyan people.

So let us talk about big problems that Kenyans are going through.




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