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Octopizzo – The more we talk openly about suicide, the better equipped we will be

July 09, 2019 at 09:46
Octopizzo - The more we talk openly about suicide, the better equipped we will be

Kenyan hip hop artiste, Octopizzo reveals his intentions to help the youth deal with mental health.

This comes after the Kibera-bred artiste faced accusations of murdering a former Strathmore University student, Kenneth Abom in his apartment.

He however, over and over again dismissed the allegations, coming out to clear his name and forewarn anyone trying to tarnish his legacy.

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This order of events has affected him mentally and emotionally to date trying to find means to curb mental health that leads to fatal suicidal thoughts.

The performing artist shares this during last week´s Headspace254 event at the Kenya Cultural Centre.

An event targeted to speak out about the rise of suicide among the Kenyan youth.

Additionally noting that most individuals bred in informal settlements, turn to music and art to calm their minds.

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Henry Ohanga recalls days when they were told that only rich people faced mental health issues but has come to realize that it does not matter, who or where you come from.

Octopizzo kick started his journey early this year as he seeks to discuss and deal with mental health.

I have thought about mental health in two critical times, the first time was when I lost my mother at 14 years.

I have had to deal with it since then.

The other time was when a boy jumped off a house and died.

Speaking in reference to the University student´s death, he articulates:

If the boy could be here today, he would have been taught a better way to deal with issues.


But to back up his intentions to the youth, he reveals that as an artist, it is easy to fall into depression too.

And so does every other individual face stressful situations in life.

Creating music is not easy because it is daily creative anxiety and for me, chewing nails helps me get things right.

All artists, people, in general, get stressed and people have different ways of dealing with stress

It therefore calls for urgent measures to be taken before the world looses more lives.

The more we talk openly about suicide, the better equipped we will be

Both to help people who are struggling with suicidal ideation and those directly affected by the loss of a loved one.

And soon after the allegations, Namba Nane wants to return to church.

Unfortunately, the problem is not him, but the pastors he has to deal with.

I do not go to church because I always feel judged

but I want to go back and start praying to God, not as a person packaged by pastors




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