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Otile after Vera claimed he’s poor in bed: No media interviews for me now or in near future 

November 21, 2018 at 08:07
Otile after Vera claimed he's poor in bed: No media interviews for me now or in near future 

Just days after Vera Sidika shocked Kenyans after openly confessing that Otile Brown is poor in bed, the singer has spoken for the first time.

Sidika on Monday went on a rant claiming that Otile has a small cassava and is poor in bed, lasting only 10 seconds. She accused him of not satisfying her a thing that left her with masturbation as the only options.

New strategy

Speaking with Edaily, Otile confessed that he’s not ready to do interviews in the near future because he has a new strategy that will better his brand.

“I do not need to be all over. I can’t promise to grant you an interview today or in the near future. As an artiste, I should be very strategic on how I go about media tours and general interviews. I should grant such sessions when I have something to say or introduce into the market. Currently, I have taken a break from such interviews as I strategise on my brand,” said Otile Brown.

When Otile was aked whether he felt the heat after being exposed by the socialite-cum-singer, Otile Brown hanged up.





  1. I would do the same, vile media za ke ziko na ufala mob

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