Otile Brown lashes out at Vera Sidika in a new diss track

September 14, 2018 at 11:54
Otile Brown lashes out at Vera Sidika in a new diss track

Otile Brown as broken his silence and opened up why his relationship with Vera Sidika hit rock bottom. The singer reveals that Vera is to be blamed for the breakup.

Otile laid everything bare in the first song he released post the breakup with Vera. Dubbed ‘Niacheni’, the song is about Otile’s frustrations with Vera.

The singer says that Vera hates him so much for walking out of their relationship, but he doesn’t under why she hates him yet his reasons for walking away are very basic.

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“Tena nidhairi unanichukia japo sijui ni kwa nini mana sababu zangu za kuondoka unazijua, tena ni za msingi,” says Otile.


Otile also reveals that Vera didn’t respect his feelings while they were still dating. He says that he eventually decided to walk out of the relationship after Vera aborted their unborn baby.

“Tatizo hisia zangu haziheshimiwi. Usijafanye ati hujui, tatizo mimba yangu ulioitoa. Niacheni msione nipo kimya mwenzenu nina mengi,” Otile sung.

Watch the new song in the video below:






  1. Sorry Mr otile you should have known better that vera was not caliber, really sorry

  2. clarenz platnumz mangua : September 14, 2018 at 5:30 pm

    otile pliz sorry vera c mtu wa kukaa naye she has already murdered an innocent child whatever u did otile is juz good

  3. Mr otile if I were you I could to do so

  4. Vera said you have a nice voice..I second her..mashallah your voice

  5. Should have known better before u do better…anyway keep singing thats what u do better..boy

  6. I really enjoy the article post.Really thank you! Will read on…Most impoprtant point is choosing words


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