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Proof that Khaligraph Jones youthful mother is the hottest grandma in town! (Photo)

July 10, 2020 at 13:52
Proof that Khaligraph Jones youthful mother is the hottest grandma in town! (Photo)

Khaligraph Jones must have learnt so much from him mum; hence making him a responsible man towards his young family with Georgina Muteti!

So far he has managed to keep his private life off social media which is not new since most big artists in town prefer keeping their families   on the low.

Anyway, 2 years after he shared a video of his Mum praying for his first album dubbed The Testimony; and of course having a prayerful mother around was an  assurance of success – which can be clearly seen in Omollo’s new lifestyle!

He went on to caption post saying;

Kenya´s illest rapper, Khaligraph Jones

Moms just Passed by the studio to get her copy of The Testimony 1990 album and she was Really feeling Track number 2 Called *Blessings* , She also prayed for Album to be more successful

Youthful stunning mum

Having struggled to put food on the table for her family; mama Khali remains the most loved person in her household.

Her children cannot help but praise her each time (rarely) they share her photos on social media. Anyway…thanks to Isha who is Khali’s sister, we have managed to get yet another never seen before photo of Khaligraph Jones mum.

Through her Instagram page, Isha celebrated her mum on Mother’s Day as she wrote;

Rapper Khaligraph Jones young mum

Happy Mother’s Day my mam and my wonderful family

Judging from the photo, it’s no secret that Khali’s baby girl has the hottest stylish grandmother in town! Although we rarely get to see her, we can also understand why Khali doesn’t enjoy his mum getting the unnecessary attention.

However, problem is fame doesn’t come without a cost and this time around privacy might just be abit too expensive to afford!




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