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Rose Muhando after Tanzanian government summoned her: I’m a lioness I don’t fear anything. I just hunt

November 26, 2018 at 09:07
Rose Muhando after Tanzanian government summoned her: I'm a lioness I don't fear anything. I just hunt

Tanzanian singer Rose Muhando is not afraid of what people will say or keep on saying after her recent controversial prayer session with pastor James Ng’ang’a.

The singer has been summoned in Tanzania by authorities who said are now ready to give her help and also investigate her case in which she claimed her manager Nathan conned her.

Nick name

Muhando in a recent interview on YouTube explained that the allegations on her have made her stronger and she has even now nicknamed herself a lioness.

“Kwa ajili ya uvumilivu wa mapio ninaopitia, shida ngumu, kuvumilia mambo magumu, na ujasiri nilionao, wakaamua kuniita simba wa kike. na hatunyamazi mpaka mungu anapokea utukufu. ndio tunateka nyavu kilindini. tuko hapa kibwezi kwa siku saba mfuulizo. Mpaka wameniita simba hata kama kikipita maana yake mimi siogopangi halafu siongei chochote kile.kazi yangu mimi kuwinda tu.” he said. 








  1. Hahaha so she is now throwing blames

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