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Sad! TV couple Eric Njoka and Karen Knaust spark emotions in final goodbyes

June 24, 2020 at 13:02
Sad! TV couple Eric Njoka and Karen Knaust spark emotions in final goodbyes

Relationships are not built in a day but the minute the foundation has been laid, breaking the bond might take time. K24 news pair, Eric Njoka and Karen Knaust have penned each other emotional letters admitting they already ´miss each other´.

A pair that remained unseparated for at least 5 years at the local TV station, sharing dark and fun moments together all the while, molding a strong friendship.

But today, they are no more, with their ties cut off in the recent massive K24 retrenchment on Monday, June 22.

Eric Njoka and Karen Knaust

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Sharing throwback photos of the pair together on set, behind the screens and just minding their own business, Njoka penned:

Dear TV wife @k_knaust I miss us already…I enjoyed and learned alot while sharing the studio, platform and experience with you. Our partnership and co-News reading was the isht 🔥🔥💯💯 This is not the end of the line. Focusing Onwards, looking inwards. We shall revisit ✊🏽✊🏽❤❤❤

Former K24 duo, Eric Njoka and Karen Knaust

To this, a sassy Karen admitted she was finding it hard to bear the separation, having worked hard years on end as hubby and wife on TV, only for the untimely breakup.

ITS TAKEN ME A WHILE TO PROCESS … ITS NOT EASY… … is goes….. Dear TV hubby @iam_ericnjoka I miss us already… 7 years of building a bond, cherishing friendships, break ups and make ups, but most of years of moulding a relationship that can and will never be broken.

TV couple, Eric Njoka and Karen Knaust

Mixed reactions

This sparked varied reactions among Kenyans, some feeling it was a love gone too soon, others holding onto the belief that this was a sign of brighter days to come.

zeyummychef My favorite news couple I have mixed feelings. I am happy for you @iam_ericnjoka and I know that the world is your oyster. See you soon mate.


alexngari All will be well,this could be a blessing in disguise.


mteule_official Sisemi kitu lipo tumaini kwa mtu uliokatwa

suzzy_kahaki Even @k_knaust is gone?🙄🙄you guys use to brighten our nights,anyway not the end of the road but a beginning of a new journey wishing you 2 all the best,we truly miss you♥️♥️♥️♥️




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