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Sailors taking the stage with new jam ‘Katanisha’

November 25, 2019 at 19:49
Sailors taking the stage with new jam 'Katanisha'

Sailors your favourite ghetto anthem artistes are back with a very lit club banger Katanisha. This is a super lit jam and well-sieved lyrics.

The kind of language Sailors use is what makes it fun. The most interesting thing is that the group is still singing about women and their behinds.

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Sailors as a group have been doing well in the industry.  Collaborating with Joefes was a good thing for the group and the outcome is the best.

Katanisha, in this case, has been used as a sheng’ word and the meaning is all about having fun. There is a place they talk about Dondosa which simply mean shaking ones behind.

Sailors taking the stage with new jam 'Katanisha'

Sailors know for their ghetto lyrical nature are taking the music scene far here in Kenya. The video has some great coordination. To add on, we cannot forget the costume and the colours used.

We now seek to understand the meaning of this jam Katanisha. To start with, the theme is still the same on women and twerking.

Katanisha is all about having fun

There are lines that are totally different from that and they give the song a lead. Sailors being together for an year is proof that they are destined to go far as a team.

Interestingly, during the introduction of the video, you realise that Sailors and Joefes are talking about weed and miraa.

Sailors taking the stage with new jam 'Katanisha'

The leaves of the miraa are displayed by one of the singers as he delivers his lines. Also, I do not know who told these kids they need to scream when introducing a song.

Sailors are a great team and now that Katanishi is almost getting to 200k it is clear that their music is accepted here in Kenya.

In conclusion, the duo did well from the audio to the video and that is a plus. Lastly, Katanisha gets a rating of 6/10.

Video below.




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