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Salala! Diamond’s dad caught on camera dirty dancing with married Tanzanian socialite, Amber Rutty [videos]

September 18, 2019 at 09:49
Salala! Diamond's dad caught on camera dirty dancing with married Tanzanian socialite, Amber Rutty [videos]

Diamond Platnumz’ dad seems to be missing his youthful days and is now doing what we expect his son, Diamond to be doing.

The aging father has been spotted getting down low with a married video vixen, Amber Rutty.

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The popular Tanzanian socialite had a ring put on her finger early this year but that does not change who she just is!

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A post shared by Amber Rutty (@amber_rutty_baby) on

It is understandable to know that Diamond is a womanizer probably because his mind is still young.

However, it seems he got his character from his blood father. Abdul Juma cannot get over his untamed thirst for women.

Once more, Diamond’s dad was caught on an Instagram clip grinding, whining and dirty dancing with a skimpily dressed vixen.

Unfortunately, this time round, we can identify the vixen who is none other than a married Amber Rutty.

With the least of decency, the two shared an intimate moment in the bush, away from the city noises.

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Mtoto mzuri Amber rutty apana chezea #dudulayuyu

A post shared by Amber Rutty (@amber_rutty_baby) on

To top it up, skin on skin, Abdul could not resist the lass’ heavy chest. Abdul occasionally having one leg up that got the socialite on another level.

Some background music did the magic bringing in the necessary excitement for the pair’s bonding.

Fans are just irate with the two!


Mamamamammamaaaaa Diamond ataweka wapi sura yake,aibu hii,kama baba yangu namzingua,aache ushubwad😁😁😁


Niombe diamond amchukue babake


Eti mke wa mtu😢😢dah


We uon aibu jamn uyo sikama babako ww🙌


Mamaake mdogo mondi huyoo😂


kujichetua ndo kitu unajuaga😏


Mnajuaga kujidhalilisha. Ukitukanwa utasema unaonewa? Kulikua kuna haja gani yakupost na unajua huyo ni kama baba ako. Mxiuuuu


Uyo mzee kumbe ana akili mbovu nakumbuka kipindi cha analia lia sasa ivi kayasahau mola msamehe


Daaah Mnatia Aibu sana bac tu hii mitandao inatufanya tujisahau sana Sijui siku ukifa msiba wako utakuwaje


mnapokwendea mtachomoa betri tuungue nchi nzima


Jamani 🙌🙌





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