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Why Sauti Sol’s #Melanin should become a national ‘anthem’ already!

November 23, 2017 at 14:04
Why Sauti Sol’s #Melanin should become a national ‘anthem’ already!

Sauti Sol may have released an explicit video for their new song Melanin, but this should not be an issue. Melanin is a perfect song that appreciates dark skinned women in our African society.

As much as there are those criticizing the song, we should focus on the positive message it sends out to our ladies. For years now, many have made it look like dark skinned women are not beautiful. However, this is not true and wrong on all levels!

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Dark Skinned women are stunning beauties and they should be told this everyday of their lives. In this case Sauti Sol and Patoranking managed to put it in a song that attracted 10,000 views in 12 hours.

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Having the boys preach the beauty found in Melanin, women not only in Kenya but around the world should embrace there dark skins.

Bleaching on the rise!

Ladies living in our generations have ruined their natural beauty by altering their skin tones with creams and pills. This is why I think Sauti Sol’s melanin dropped at the perfect time. It will educate the narrow minded who assume black has no beauty!

As for now I am positive that the exaggerated ‘light skin is beauty’ mentality will die soon – thanks to the dark skinned video vixens featured on most videos.

Kudos Sauti Sol for the saucy Melanin!





  1. Mutua wont let it shine

  2. I wish it was not a bikini shoot

  3. The message is good but the video is too much for under 18

  4. So now what nxt,coz Mutua is on their case??

  5. Hahaha that will never happen

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