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Sexy back! Lilian announces she’s now ready to get back to the gym just a month after delivering

August 28, 2018 at 08:47
Sexy back! Lilian announces she's now ready to get back to the gym just a month after delivering

Though Kenyans were recently impressed by Lilian Muli’s body just days after giving birth to her second child, Lilian Muli is promising more is on the way.

The Citizen TV new anchor has announced she’s ready to hit the gym just a month after having Liam.

“So excited finally starting my fitness journey with @smartgymske @vinitaotieno Fitness just got affordable #EveryBodyIsWelcome #FollowMeToFit I’m looking forward to the results #revengebody” shared Lillian Muli.

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Some Kenyans however, wondered why she’s rushing to do it. Some claimed it was too early for her to focus on her body yet she has a very young baby.

kemusheila @lilmuli sweetie is it not too early pressure ya nini? Breastfeed and enjoy food kidogo you have a nice body that will snap back.” said one fan.

Mind you business

Kenyans have closely followed Muli’s pregnancy from the word go. Many were wowed after learning that the news anchor might have spent almost Ksh 500,000 to deliver her baby. She was however not impressed by the fact that people were speculating how much she might have paid.

“If you wanted to know how much I spent you should have just walked into Nairobi Hospital and asked how much it cost trust me if you are upset about 250k that’s a GROSS UNDERESTIMATE! It was much more so prepare to get even more upset because you are talking crap out of ignorance healthcare in this country is very expensive. And then again I wonder how much you contributed to my bill that gives you the right to have an opinion on my life!!!” she said. 


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