Shame: Mother to Andrew Kibe’s girlfriend confirms daughter is still a minor

Image: Andrew Kibe’s new station ‘Rogue Radio’ officially goes Live on air

Andrew Kibe is unfortunately making headlines for the wrong reasons thanks to his minor girlfriend said to be 17 years as revealed by her mum.

According to blogger Obare, Kibe is said to have started his intimate relationship with the girl back when she was still 16 years old. Since Kibe maintains his silence without showing any remorse – many on social media have come out to condemn him for being a pedophile.

Former radio presenter, Andrew Kibe

Others however chose to defend him saying that the girl had already started acting like an adult before Kibe happened; and just because he was caught doesn’t mean he is to blame for the girl’s actions.

But come on, would it take a scientist to tell a minor from mature person; especially when they open their mouths?

Mother speaks

Well, turns out that the story happened to reach the girl’s mum who lives in the UK; and that to blogger Edgar Obare, we now understand that she will be taking legal action against the former radio presenter.

As seen on screenshot conversation between her(mother) and Edgar Obare the mum promised to have the guy arrested for getting involved with her daughter who is a minor.

As the debate continues to heat up on Obare’s page; it’s hard to miss out on the pain Michelle’s mother must be feeling knowing that her daughter is being sexually handled by a man as old as Kibe.


Well let’s see what happens now that the police are involved.

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