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Singer Marya weight gain after welcoming first child, she has really changed (Photos)

October 30, 2017 at 09:44
Singer Marya weight gain after welcoming first child, she has really changed (Photos)

The joy of being a mother can never be compared to anything. I hear it is a special feeling that any mother would be willing to testify about however – motherhood brings a lot of changes in a woman especially when it comes to gaining weight from the baby fat.

Well, singer Marya popularly known for her hit song chokoza featuring Avril seems to have put on some weight after welcoming her first child a few months ago. From the photo I managed to get, the lass look totally different but still beautiful despite the sudden weight gain.

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Also, one can’t help but notice her absence from her social media pages but I bet this is because she has been busy talking care of her son who she is yet to introduce to her social media fans.

Anyway…I have also learnt that she turned a year older this past Sunday and to celebrate the special day, her baby daddy/hubby shared a stunning photo of Marya as he appreciated her for being the best thing in his life.

Below are just a few photos showing Marya’s new look.

Marya with baby daddy

Marya with baby daddy









  1. Motherhood comes with its changes

  2. This is marya?

  3. She disappeared from the music scene jst like that

  4. Where has she been hiding?

  5. Timothy Wafula : October 30, 2017 at 3:11 pm

    Good to see her again

  6. She looks lovely and happy

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