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Sources: Otile Brown wrote Vera Sidika’s song ‘Nalia’

November 28, 2018 at 11:10
Sources: Otile Brown wrote Vera Sidika's song 'Nalia'

Kenyans had been doubting Otile Brown’s relationship with Vera Sidika the moment it started and it seems they might have been right after all.

A close friend of Otile Brwon has come out to expose the two saying that they tricked Kenyans with the relationship to further their careers.

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The source opened up to Dizzim saying that there was no love between the two at all.

“Do you know they used this fact to push their brands and get influencer business, tours and concerts just like that. Their’s was a love that was brewed and put together for social media influencing,” the source said.

Otile wrote her debut

The source also claimed that Otile Brown wrote his own diss song. Yes. Vera’s “Nalia”, which she released after the break up, was penned by Otile Brown.

“Vera used the drama to released her single Nalia. Otile is the one who wrote the song for Vera. Also, Calisa is Otile’s close pal, he hooked Vera with him to be the video fox in the music video. Hence the stunt of buying him a brand new pristine white Mercedes Benz.” said source. 

Calisa was paid well for the gig and people in Tanzanian actually fell for the prank.

“The fact that the publicity stunt worked out so well and it was believable saw Vera gain fans in Tanzania just like that, without breaking a sweat. It also helps that she also sells out her weight loss brands as well,” the source added. 





  1. I suspected it coz Otile doesn’t strike me as a simp,I wondered how he could actually have a relationship with a publicly known prostitute.An aware man never gives such women commitment since such women practice hypergamy shamelessly

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