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Tables turn! Rally Jones threatens to leave Diamond´s mum, fans react

May 29, 2020 at 12:36
Tables turn! Rally Jones threatens to leave Diamond´s mum, fans react

It has been claimed that Mama Dangote has bewitched her lover, Rally Jones into falling for her while the young man allegedly uses love tricks to confuse the aging grandmother.

Whichever of the two is the case, it seems like each of the parties´ tactics are working with the two doting each other with deep love messages, every dawn.

Just the other day, Uncle Shamte defended Diamond´s mum against trolls that she is the cause of the singer´s failed relationships.

Lovers, Uncle Shamte and Sanura Kassim aka Mama Dangote

Now, entangled in a love bubble, Bi Sandra can´t seem to get her mind off the young man that makes her heart skip a beat.

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Taking to social media, Mama Dangote flaunted:

There is no greater happiness than being loved back by the one you love😘. Everyday, I have no option than to thank God for this precious gift he has given me. For finding the most suitable man in my life. 👌I love you so much my husband @uncle_shamte. (Hakuna Raha Kama kupendwa na Unaempenda. 😘 Kila siku sina budi kusema Asante Mungu kwa hii zawadi uliyonipa. Ya kumpata mwaname Bora wa Maisha yangu.👌 Nakupenda sana Mume wangu @uncle_shamte)

To which Diamond´s step-dad responded:

Kupendana ndo jadi yetu mkewangu

Lovers, Sandra Kassim and Rally Jones

Terms of love

However, looks like things are getting thicker by the day for the young couple, facing competition from within the extended family.

Just yesterday, young Tiffah was on camera, bragging about her superstar of a father, Diamond Platnumz even though she did not quite understand what exactly the Tanzanian celebrity does for a living.

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Anyway, Uncle Shamte´s comment on the same, raised eyebrows leaving fans speechless, trying to understand what he meant by this:

Nipe tafsiri mkewangu,ukishindwa naoa Tiffah next week

Sandra Dangote´s post

From what I can interpret, this seemingly means that if Sandra does not match up, then Rally Jones would have to move on with Tiffah…that was my interpretation.

Or probably, the young man just adores Zari´s products that have proven to only bloom brighter and finer with time.

Just saying.

To this, Sandra Kassim savagely clapped back:

@uncle_shamte huwezi OA zaidi yangu mie mimi ndio KABARIYAOOO

Celebrity mother, Sandra Dangote

Looks like she is assured that Shamte can run but never hide because having already fallen into her love spell, he can never turn back. Rally Jones can only stay, however tough it gets.

Will Tiffah beat Mama Dangote at her own game?

Time will tell…

Wild reactions

Meanwhile, here is what fans had to say:

kpazzy_official wajukuu zake ww amtanie nani sasa kama sio mke na wajukuu acha ungese basi kidogo


alimanassor67 @uncle_shamte teamo teamo forever 👌👌👌💦💕💕💕💕@mama_dangote


zarithebossldd@mama_dangote ha ha haaaa unakubalije tee akutoe????Ila wacha iwe zamu ya tee we nendazako Kwa nillan😢


mwaifwanikisa @mama_dangote unapinduliwa mrs Shamte Tiffa kaja moto😀
lo.yce9590@mama_dangote hajahaaa unamuogopa tiffah kumbe ndio kiboko yako😂
fridahkendij @mama_dangote wewe ni Tiffah and Tiffah ni wewe❤️🔥🔥
arrow_princess @uncle_shamte mwambie mama dangote afanye warudiane zari hana njaa kama wa hapa bongo wanajifanya wajinga ili wapate hela na Mali mtakosa hata misaada wakiolewa wa bongo😢
rozy2054 @uncle_shamte 😂😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥@mama_dangote haya wewe umepata mke mwenza tayari..niite nikutafsirie be4 uwe spinster
shoprightz @mama_dangote nataman sana wangekua pamoja, zari n Mama bora sana, sema mwanao zipu mbov ndo tatizo😥
flora_1293 @uncle_shamte yaan oa huyu huyu mimi nakuchangia nauli @mama_dangote mke mwenza huyu angalia unampoteza auncle sasa hv😂
anifalahmad@mama_dangote 😂😂😂wee utaolewa na watatu wote uncle azimie😂😂😂😍😍





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