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Tanasha Donna responds after ´failed´ EP launch performance

February 03, 2020 at 09:31
Tanasha Donna responds after ´failed´ EP launch performance

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The much hyped DonnaTella EP launch turned out a major disappointment to her Kenyans fans who believed she was not well prepared and just off.

A performance that went down at the Sarit Centre Expo on Saturday, the 1st of February, and one that many termed as below average.

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Fans bashed her for a ´failed´ performance despite the fact that she even had a band and a good 3 months to prepare, since last year´s announcement.

DonnaTella EP launch turns out a major disappointment

However, she came out to defend herself admitting:

Could be better, but for a first with only 2 days rehearsals . I did my best! I know next time will keep getting better.

A section of fans called her out for being off key, high-pitched and tensed during the performance, a clear indication that she was not well prepped.

@tanashadonna this is something you have wanted for a long time gal, you could have practiced more but anyway singing live ain´t a walk in the park.

Others revealing that that is probably why Diamond Platnumz ditched her performance.


Check out other comments below:
I agree she has been hyping about it for months what was she doing? Beyoncé is an artist yet she practiced four months for her homecoming performance which was only two hours. Know your lanes
no honey you can’t sing!! Wacha excuses.
For something so big, you ought not to have an excuse for not practicing.

No one is bitter my dear. I think It was very unprofessional of you to hype us that much only to embarrass your self then now hide under excuses and motivational posts because you hadnt practised well… Stop focusing your prayers and energy on our reactions or praying that God deals with us, have you thought that we could be his messengers too 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ You dont have to die trying to be a singer you know? As for D taking off – which now makes sense was to avoid embarrassment, i absolutely have no words… i died when you started explaining that he had to leave coz Family is important? What exactly are you to him? 🤭🤭🤭


The problem with People is that they don’t like to be to told the truth. Your launch was overhyped and you didn’t deliver. You started telling us about this in Sept. Hiyo time yote haukuuwa una practice? I’m thinking someone serious would even have great dancers with great costumes etc giving your best and making an impression because it’s your first. We need to stop making excuses too. You had enough time to practice!!! (3 Months)


The performance was terrible plus Hana sauti but you know this days auto tunes ndio inafanya kazi people were shocked by the poor performance after all the hyping


Aki this is the bitter truth. Alafu that man ehh… she needs to evaluate that relationship. Am feeling she’s in this alone. Diamond left but she hasn’t clicked that yet…


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