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“This world will show me things” Pastor Burale denies teaching men how to last longer in bed

December 03, 2018 at 09:23
"This world will show me things" Pastor Burale denies teaching men how to last longer in bed

If you are a man and think you suck in bed and might want some advice on how to manoeuvre and please women, you shouldn’t probably go to popular Nairobi preacher Robert Burale.

Burale recently had to disassociate himself with a poster and audio doing rounds on social media that claimed he’s teaching men how to be tigers in bed.

Can’t speak Luganda

In a post on Instagram, Burale said that he was not in any way associated with the teachings on the audio tape that has a cover of his picture. He also denied that he can speak Luganda as the post suggested.

Ladies and Gentlemen it has come to my attention that my photo has been used in an audio in Uganda that is me teaching men how to last longer in bed. I am not in any way associated with his teaching. I don’t speak Luganda. This world will show me things.” Wrote Burale.

Burale, who is also a motivational speaker, mentor and a marriage counselor, gives talks on various topics in life especially marriage, after learning hard lessons from his when it collapsed.







  1. Once you post your photos on social media, expect anything.. haha

  2. Burale teach us your ways

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