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TID features Lulu Diva on ‘Bamba’ (Video)

April 03, 2020 at 12:04
TID features Lulu Diva on 'Bamba'

Legendary Tanzanian singer Khalid Mohamed, better known as TID and famed for jams such as; Zeze, Nyota Yangu and Siamini, has released a new track with his countrymate Lulu Diva and it’s totally worth your time.

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The song dubbed Bamba has been getting good airplay since it came out a few hours ago and to be honest, we’re also feeling it.


If you are a fan of both TID and Lulu Diva – like myself – then get ready to be entertained because this is the treat of a lifetime ladies and gentlemen.

Bamba is infectious and if you ask me, it has everything to do with Lulu Diva’s amazing voice. This lady sings like the world is almost coming to an end and that is what she has to do to save humanity.

Put simply, she’s awesome and I swear I can listen to her music all day. This is also a reminder that you should check out her  Extended Play (EP) titled The 4some if you’ve not listened to it yet.

Lulu Diva

As expected, TID also killed it. He has this hoarse yet melodic voice that I can’t seem to get enough of. To add to that, his voice complements that of Lulu Diva and I think they should become a duo. Okay, I’m joking.

The beat and instrumentation on this track are also dope. Other than the fact that they make the song catchy, I know that after listening to Bamba you  will agree with me that they blend well with the voices of both TID and Lulu Diva.

About the video, I think it’s really dope and brilliantly executed. Some of the things that caught my eye, other than its crisp quality of course, are the lighting, styling and flawless scene transitioning.

Watch Bamba below and tell us what you think.




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