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“Tumia veetox” Former socialite Vera Sidika trolled for drastic weight gain (Photos)

September 07, 2020 at 20:00
"Tumia veetox" Former socialite Vera Sidika trolled for drastic weight gain (Photos)

Vera Sidika this past weekend held a lit launch party as she moved her Beauty Parlor to Mombasa where she relocated a few months ago. As seen on her social media pages, the launch party was not only an invites only; but as usual she went all out to keep her guests entertained.

Among those who were invited is Jamal Gaddaffi who did not hold back from showing his followers how the launch party went down. However, after sharing photos and a video from the event seems like most of his fans were interested in discussing Vera’s weight gain.

Well, judging from the video it is evident to see that Vera Sidika has indeed put on some extra weight; which has now left her looking older.

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Although the weight gain seems to have hit the right places; her face also got some extra weight making many ask whether she was expectant!

Time to retire?

As usual most fans on social media never seem to have anything nice to say; and unluckily Vera Sidika she had to face the wrath after years of portraying what many saw as a perfect body.

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However since most of the beauty was actually bought; it appears that it also had an expiry date hence her current state. Below are a just a few photos and the video shared by Jamal Gaddaffi from Vera’s event.

Vera Sidika with Jamal

Vera Sidika drastic weight gain leaves tongues wagging




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