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Vanessa Mdee responds to rumors claiming boyfriend, Rotimi beats her up!

July 08, 2020 at 14:46
Vanessa Mdee responds to rumors claiming boyfriend, Rotimi beats her up!

Vanessa Mdee is quite angry at the fact that people have been spreading false stories about her boyfriend, Rotimi.

According to her management, a few fans here and there have been asking whether rumors claiming Rotimi has been abusive to the singer are true.

This comes after one of Rotimi’s ex girlfriends opened up about her experience with an abusive boyfriend back in the day.

Rotimi’s ex girlfriend, Christina Rodgers

However, during Vanessa’s recent dive deep with Vanessa Mdee podcast show; the former singer bashed those spreading the lies saying;

I will not be bullied on social media; I will not be that person Wanahabari wataandika kitu juu yangu alafu nitabaki kimya. Team yangu ya social media, imenijuza kuhusu comments kutokana na watu kusema kuwa Rotimi ananipiga; ati ni mtu ambaye anapiga wanawake.

Vanessa Mdee with her bae

She went on to add Rotimi is not the type of man to hurt a woman; leave alone lay a finger on her! Vanessa who has been dating the guy for a few months now – portrayed her boyfriend as the best thing that ever happened to her as she added;

Number one, that is so far from the truth, sio ukweli na ni kitu ambacho kinaweza kuharibu sifa heshima ya Mwanaume au Mwanamke, especially when it’s not true. So nataka ku-clarify kitu kabla sijaendelea, imetokana na post ambayo ameandika ex-wake Rotimi. Ex wake Rotimi alikuwa anamzungumzia Ex-wake mwingine sio Rotimi na ameweka Wazi kuwa sio Rotimi anayemzungumzia…

Mistaken identity

For those who still don’t know; the ex refereed to by Rotimi’s former girlfriend is another man and not the Power actor.

Tanzanian-Nigerian couple, Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi

To Vanessa Mdee, Rotimi’s ex was only using  her story to educate women who have been stuck in abusive relationships; giving them hope that life moves despite having an ugly past. Ms Mdee concluded her podcast saying;

So yeye aliandika blog post zamani akimzungumzia Ex-wake sio Rotimi akisema yakwamba alikuwa na mipango na yeye na vitu vingi. Alikuwa anajaribu Kuguza jamii na wanawake ambao wamepitia vitu vingi kama hivyo.





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