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Vera Sidika Celebrates Daughter Asia Brown’s 2nd Month With Message To Critics (Screenshot)

December 22, 2021 at 11:08
Vera Sidika Celebrates Daughter Asia Brown's 2nd Month With Message To Critics (Screenshot)

2 months ago, Vera Sidika and her hubby Brown Mauzo welcomed their bundle of joy, Asia Brown; after keeping netizens waiting. Like her mum, Asia is already becoming a household name to the public, especially after the recent face reveal by her parents.

Netizens were tickled by the impeccable beauty of the 2 months old baby; whose face identity was being kept a secret even after numerous appeals by fans which ended in a cul de sac.

Vera Sidika Shuts Down Critics

Eventually, Vera was compelled to reveal her face and shut down haters who claimed she was hiding her because she was black in colour.

Through her Instagram stories, Vera celebrated Asia’s 2nd month as she gushed over her beauty;

”Even if Asia came out black, navy blue, purple etc whatever color. She’d still b the most beautiful baby ever!! Her features are extraordinarily beautiful. Her eyes, ears, nose. Lips, nails OMG.”

I’ve been super obsessed Asia since she was in my womb lol remember the scan videos. From the scans I could tell she’s one extremely  beautiful baby girl. Since her birth I’ve been super obsessed… Oh my! she’s so beautiful I wanna cry… I’ve been looking for haters comments. I can’t see even 1…”

After the face reveal, Vera can’t help herself but to flaunt her adorable face on her page.


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