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Vera Sidika Explains Why She Chooses To Give Birth In Kenya Rather Than The States

September 13, 2021 at 16:25
Vera Sidika Explains Why She Chooses To Give Birth In Kenya Rather Than The States

Flamboyant socialite Vera Sidika can’t have enough of her unborn baby. Her perpetual love for her unborn daughter is evident as she keeps flaunting her huge baby bump on her Instagram. Vera’s pregnancy was highly anticipated over the years; with a great number of her fans wondering when she would be ready to have her own kid.

Socialite Vera Sidika pregnant with her first child – Kenyan News

Pregnant Vera and her hubby Brown Mauzo-Google

The long wait was finally over when the curvy socialite took to her Instagram on June 16 this year; to share the special announcement of her pregnancy. The pregnancy was subject to numerous criticisms; including people calling it ‘fake’.

Vera Sidika hit back at haters suggesting the latter. Via a lengthy social media post, the socialite claimed to have received all sorts of insults and hate from people who barely know her and her story.

She was also criticized for bleaching; and was told she’d only give birth to a dark-skinned baby.

Vera has however, endured all these criticisms and says she’s ready for more.

East Or West… Home Is The Best

Anyway, it’s been her desire to give birth in The States; but she blames COVID-19, among other things.

Sharing on her Insta stories, Vera claims she has chosen Kenya over US even though she has a valid Visa;

”Btw I almost travelled to give birth in USA since my 5 year USA Visa still valid. But this COVID pandemic isn’t fun. Then again couldn’t handle the idea of being away from family & friends during my pregnancy for 4-6 months…”

Vera is 8 months pregnant and will be giving birth in the next month. All the best to her!





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