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Vera Sidika forced to hit the gym after critics body shame her for being overweight (Photos)

September 16, 2020 at 18:56
Vera Sidika forced to hit the gym after critics body shame her for being overweight (Photos)

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Vera Sidika is a busy woman. If she is not working at the office, Vera Sidika is busy working out and now has added another activity to her busy schedule.

Days after fans criticised her for being overweight Vera Sidika and her new man have now opted for gym sessions. However just like Corazon and Frankie Just Gym It; Ms Sidika is being trained by her boyfriend, Brown Mauzo.

This comes days after fans went all in bashing Vera Sidika for her weight gain that has left her looking rather odd! However with the pandemic here and no movements; Vera says she then gained unnecessary weight which she had been planning to shed off once the gym reopens.

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Vera Sidika back to working out

Anyway, now that she has also fully settled in Mombasa; it appears that her boyfriend is on a mission to help his woman shed off some weight.

So far we have seen her talk about running up and down her stairs; and from the sweat dripping down her face, we can indeed confirm that she is burning some fat!

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But with 2 days down, let us see how long the lady will last in the gym or will she opt for the easy way out now that flights are back to operating.

Vera Sidika

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