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Victoria Kimani blasts Jalang’o… calls him arrogant 

January 10, 2019 at 07:02
Victoria Kimani blasts Jalang'o... calls him arrogant 

Musicians and TV and radio presenters’ beef which was started by Khaligraph Jones has now turned ugly as some people have started taking things too personal.

Khaligraph started the beef by mocking presenters with a free trip to Nigeria while protesting the influx of Nigerian music in the Kenyan airwaves.

Several musicians have come out to support Khaligraph’s demand for Kenyan content to be given priority when it comes to airplay.

Jalang’o has been the face of TV and radio presenters in this tug of war, he has been defending fellow presenters against claims that they favor foreign content over Kenyan music.

Deaf and dump to Kenyan talent

Victoria Kimani has also come out to support calls for Kenyan music to be given 100% airplay. She says that she has been advocating for the same for the past five years but no one listened to her.

She also said that Jalang’o and people who thinking along the same lines as him are ignorant. Victoria further says the Jalangos are deaf and dump to Kenyan talent.







  1. Kenya plays shiiieet music when I ll come up with my rhumba remix I ll not pretend gona hit it like nonsense….

  2. But my playlist is 90% Kenyan!! 5% Rhumba ya Congo and 5% Reggae. Sema Musa Juma, Dola Kabary, Osito Kale, Kamaliza Majengo, Okatch Biggy, Tony Nyadundo, Les Wanyika, Maroon Commandos. Hawa akina Geography Jones na Kimani pia Ni musicians?

  3. Now wee are awakened but it’s late but wee gone hit in few year later.but otile is the best none each other Kenya goo Kenya goo

  4. Hahaha true to that Viky I never listen to Kenyan music.

  5. I personally don’t listen to Kenyan muziq if not Saying soul, nyashisky, n Naiboi. The rest have no content Sasa Kama still papa Jones by true huimba nini let him listen to his words not instrument n tell any content in his words. Ugandans n TZs are far better. You can’t force us to listen what we can’t comprehend at all.

  6. I support Jalang’o 100% since our Kenyan talent av no content in their art atleast they can borrow a leaf Tanzanian counterparts .

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