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“We broke up before baby was born” Mulamwah opens up about break up with baby mama

January 11, 2022 at 09:57
“We broke up before baby was born” Mulamwah opens up about break up with baby mama

Comedian Mulamwah recently held a candid interview with Mseto East Africa where he opened up about his failed relationship with ex girlfriend, Carol Sonnie.

Mulamwah and ex, Carrol Sonnie

This being the first time he is addressing the issue on public, Mulamwah talked about disrespect, impatience, pressure and being looked on simply because he hasn’t made it yet. Well in his own words the popular comedian started off by explaining;

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Sisi tuliachana kitambo sana hata kabla mtoto azaliwe.

Yes, the comedian revealed that parting ways with Carol Sonnie happened when the lady was only 3 months pregnant; but agreed not to speak about it until baby was born.

What pushed him to walk away

Well, having grown up in a not so rich family Mulamwah made it his mission to change his life but this is something his girlfriend couldn’t understand.

He made this known after revealing that one of the reasons that pushed him to the wall is the fact that Carol wasn’t patient enough to understand situations when he couldn’t meet some of her demands.


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Mulamwah says Carol would prefer opting for alternatives solutions from other people; hence belittling him as the provider of their growing family. However having faced such challenges in their relationship, Mulamwah advises;

Ningeomba sana hata kwa relationship yake ingine aendelee kua humble na apatiane time. Hizi vitu zote tutapata. Unapata labda kuna wakati singeweza kuprovide hiki na hiki, yeye angeenda kutafuta mahali fulani ama kwa jamaa fulani na nilikua nakwazika kweli.

As for those women with similar characters, Mulamwah had this to say to them.

Ningependa kuambia madem watupatie time. Usiharakishe hiyo process utapata hayo matunda yanaendea mwingine.

But Wait, wasn’t he the same man that gifted her Ksh 100,000 as push gift after baby Keilah was born?




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