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Wema Sepetu issues stern warning to critics linking her to LGBT community

September 11, 2020 at 17:38
Wema Sepetu issues stern warning to critics linking her to LGBT community

Wema Sepetu is angry! This is after a few of her friends started pointing fingers at the company she often keeps. Apparently most of these have been judging her bisexual and homosexual friends who she happens to keep close.

They say show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are! A point that Wema Sepetu seems to have forgotten while parading her friends through social media.

Well, after coming across a few stories linking the former Miss Tz to the gay community; seems like she has been accused of being one. However, Wema says that this is not the case. Through her social media pages, the actress went on to write:

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Bongo Movie actress, Wema Sepetu

Hivi ni lini na wakati gani nishawahi kuchagulia mtu rafiki jamani…. Mbona waja mnapenda kunipangia maisha…. Mnipangie wa kudate nae, Mnipangie Projects, Mnipangie maisha kwa ujumla… Hadi Marafiki…. Alafu sasa tatizo laja wapi, Mi nina marafiki wa kila aina… Sichagui sibagui cuz nacheka na mpaka Kichaa….

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Wema swinging both ways?

This not being the first time Wema Sepetu is accused of being bisexual; the lass went on to warn critics for picking on her friends just to get to her. she went on add that whether bisexual or homosexual’s, she cares less about what fans say or what others to believe.

However, even before this Wema and the same friends were said to be involved in funny activities; but due to lack of evidence Ms Wema remains straight. Anyway, she went on to add;

Wema Sepetu (left) and Aunty Ezekiel (right)

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Sitaki Kupangiwa jamani… Waacheni marafiki zangu…. Wakiwa Bisexual, Hainihusu… Wakiwa Homosexual pia hainihusu…. As long as hawanidhuru maishani mwangu then thats all that matters….NIACHENI…!!!

Well, there you have it from the horses mouth!




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