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Wewe! Don’t try and impregnate Tanasha before marrying her- Tanasha’s family warns Diamond 

February 19, 2019 at 08:04
Wewe! Don't try and impregnate Tanasha before marrying her- Tanasha's family warns Diamond 

With at least three known kids with two different women already in the public domain, Tanasha Donna’s family aren’t taking any chances with Diamond Platnumz.

The family has asked the singer to first marry their daughter before thinking of starting a family with her. According to Global Publishers, Diamond, according to sources, has been heard saying he plans to get Tanasha pregnant before the end of 2019.

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A family member was quoted saying that the singer has now been warned against doing this and should first put a ring on it before planting any seed.

“As a family, we held talks and came to the conclusion Tanasha should not have a kid with Diamond. You have to realise Tanasha comes from a religious family. Her parents are staunch Christians and they do not like things that go against their morals,” the relative said. 

Diamond and Tanasha were to get married this Valentine’s Day but quickly postponed the wedding to an unknown date. The family says that they are afraid Diamond might dump her.

“We have no problem with their relationship. What we do not want is Tanasha to be dumped after getting pregnant,” Tanasha’s kin said. 

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  1. Wewe! Don’t try and impregnate Tanasha before marrying her- Tanasha’s family warns Diamond  – Kenya Point : February 19, 2019 at 8:11 am

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    • Mmmmh whts so special with this tanasha chic….. Old habits never die diamond us gonna screw her like any other lady n. When times comes for him. To move on like he does….. Wololo tanasha wareva yo name u wl become a number….. We here watching… N don’t say u weren’t warned

  2. Sounds funny they don’t need a kid out of wedlock, but they are OK with Diamond sleeping around with their daughter….They think Diamond won’t touch her is she a sister to him! Religious family indeed??

  3. Christian family???diamond is a muslim to start with ,they would have stopped there daughter first to stop the relationship if they are indeed Christians…Diamond hayuko serious na yy.

  4. Exactly,mens always hit and run

  5. Lol
    Acha tusubirie tu hatusemi kitu
    But Boys will be Boys ??

  6. Following…

  7. Watching you!!!!!

  8. I swear am so sick of Kenyans bashing’s pathetic.kama kits ni yenyu rock it proud.hata kama inanuka maxi.mscheeeew
    Giru giru kata guok osin

  9. There is no Christianity with Muslim and as long she is moving around, she is already serving the purpose. She will just be on the line with the others . Nothing special. Money is working after all she will gain some property here and there and finally some fame and of course some two or three kids,that all.

  10. acheni tupate damu ya diamond kenya!!

  11. I really don’t like Diamond. I used to like him back in 2013 but now hes a man slut. Diamond is a fukn slut (womanizer). and the girls he impregnated like Zari and left them single mothers, well they deserved that shit cuz they shoulda have known better than to sleep with that man slut.If I were Zari I woulda claimed all his wealth when he left her a single mom. Make him pay extra money for baby supplies and milk him dry. That man slut Diamond deserves it

  12. No one is special to diamond,diamond is just but a stupid crazy satanic singer

  13. Why do women follow him as if he’s a god,stupid women follows him,his names makes me sick,his songs fills me with dread

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