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Why vulgarity is now selling in Kenyan music

August 07, 2019 at 19:51
Why vulgarity is now selling in Kenyan music

Have you ever wondered why a song that has vulgarity sells more than the open ended songs?

Well, as it stands right now, Kenyans seem to be enjoying the vulgarity in some of Kenyan music. How?

Look at it this way, it all started with lamba lolo antics then Wamlambez shortly after Pandana came by.

Let’s be clear, am not hating on the music but clearly these new crop of artists seem to have Mastered the craft of “easy and fast sale. ”

The kind of audience they reach tells you what we want as a source of entertainment.

Some friend of mine mentioned that in the Kenyan secular industry if you want to make it fast, do what anthem makers are doing.

Short Term goals musically

If you want to crawl musically but at the end of have a long term career stick to deeper creativity and poetry.

However, we won’t dismiss the fact that the ghetto anthems are here to stay for a while.  But at the end of it they will be edged out if they are not very careful.

Why? As I always say Kenyans are a hard lot to please,they dance to your tune for a while then slowly they put you in the sides. Reason? Monotony!!!

We can’t be screaming a certain word for so long but just long enough to tell you it’s time to grow up.

Another thing is to make it in the industry of Kenyan music sometimes you  don’t need the supposed talent you need courage to deal with fans and trolls.

The anthem boys have had there share but have sailed through it successfully despite the little shake up.

Master your game understand the needs of your audience, deliver then wait for the reaction.

These are reasons that make Some artists like Sauti sol,Khaligraph Jones, Willy Paul among others  the most relevant artists in Kenya.

These have captured their audiences for long term career paths.

For them music is good through proper content creation.

So as an upcoming artist pick a struggle is it long term or short term?





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