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Why you will not be seeing Willy Paul’s son anytime soon

July 24, 2019 at 15:46
Willy Paul of the famed Hallelujah song

Controversial gospel artist Willy Pozee might be one who likes to stay on the limelight but the singer says he wants a different life for his baby boy, Damian.

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Unlike most celebrities who prefer opening Instagram pages and posting their babies photos on social media; Pozee says he will not be doing this.

Mimi btw niko na mtoto ako 12 months na mamake ni Mwarabu fulani tu anajielewa mbaya. Mtoto ni wa kiume anatwa KingDamian jina lake la kwanza.

King Damian

According to the singer, he will respect his son’s privacy until he is old enough to decide whether he wants to be a popular person or not.

Huyo ashakuwa star already. Ni venye sinanga time ya petty fame because hauko sure huyu mtoto akigrow kama hio ndio lifestyle anataka kama anataka kuwa famous kama wewe maybe ni msee anataka akigrow akuwe na private life yake.

Pozee has also refused to share any details about his baby mama or whether they are living together as a family.






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