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Willy Paul drops sizzling track ‘Jamaican Gyal’ (Video)

March 21, 2020 at 14:04
Willy Paul drops sizzling track tagged 'Jamaican Gyal'

Former gospel singer Wilson Abubakar Radido, better known as Willy Paul, has released a new jam and it’s getting a lot of love from his fans and critics alike.

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The song titled Jamaican Gyal (Wine) has been ruling the airwaves since it came out  few hours ago and to be honest we are also feeling it.

Willy Paul

Jamaican Gyal is a club banger and it talks about how the lady Willy Paul fondly refers to as his wife can get down in the dance floor, enough to confuse any man.

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I am a huge fan of Willy Paul so you can already tell that I love this jam. However, I strongly feel like Pozze is making secular songs with gospel beats but then again maybe it’s just me.

Willy Paul

Pozze is a dope vocalist and in Jamaican Gyal he proves that he can control his voice by not going out of tune as he moves from high to low and vice versa.

Although I’m a big fan of his, I must say that I wasn’t impressed by the lyricism in this track. The verses felt so basic and it’s like he hurried to write the song.

The beat and instrumentation on this track are on point. However, like I mentioned earlier, they would have worked better for a gospel song than a secular one.

Watch Jamaican Gyal below and tell us what you think. Enjoy!




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