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Willy Paul is controlling the game with ‘Controller’

January 27, 2020 at 19:05
Willy Paul is controlling the game with 'Controller'

Willy is back with his first jam of the year, Controller. The Kenyan singer hits back at a time that was least expected. Controller which comes out as a professional song is more of a love song.

To start with, being his first work this year, the legend has given his fans a new feel in this great hit. As always, Willy Paul knows how to hit back as this jam is super lit.

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First and foremost, we seek to understand what the song Controller is about. You’ll notice that unlike any of Willy Paul’s work, Controller has adopted a new style. What do I mean? That this jam is has brought on board nudity at some point.

Willy Paul is controlling the game with 'Controller'

Controller is more of a fun love song

Look at the costumes that have been worn by the beauty queens. Thye are partially naked but for one to sell, then I bet it is okay.

Also, let’s look at what the lyrics carry for us. First, are the lines easy to grasp? Yes, they are. They are short and easy to grasp.

In addition to that, the Controller song is about love. In this case, she acts as the Controller of a man’s life.

“Nichum unavyotaka  Niguse unavyotaka, my beiby yeah Nipande unavyotaka  Kaa unavyotaka, my beiby yeah,” reads the first stanza.

Willy Paul is controlling the game with 'Controller'

To add on, the singer says that the girl is fire. According to the third stanza, she is confusing the guy and cannot be able to let her off his mind.

“Nyuma yake ni rewind  Yaani mambo fire You make me loose my mind  Yaani mambo mbaya,” Willy Paul sings in stanza three.

Also, he also describes how the girl is confusing him with her dances. It seems the lady’s speed is very fast that Willy Paul asks her to slow down.

“Mauno yako yanimaliza aah(Controller) Kwa ufundi wako unanimaliza(Controller) Beiby punguza mbio usifike haraka(Mama mama ma) Punguza mbio tukaulie kwa mapenzi(Mama mama ma),” says Willy Paul.

In addition to the good stanza arrangement, Willy Paul has adopted repetition in this great piece of work. The keyword, Controller, has been repeated in every stanza.

Also, it has also been used a lot in the chorus thus making it easy for one to relate with the song.

In conclusion, Willy Paul has done a great job as a result, Controller gets a rating of 7/10.

Video below.





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