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Willy Paul’s Itch for Nadia Mukami is over the roof in new track “Nikune”(Video)

April 15, 2020 at 18:42
Willy Paul's Itch for Nadia Mukami is over the roof in new track "Nikune"(Video)

When we thought Kenyans were in quarantine and practicing social distancing: BOOM!!! ” Nikune”  was released. A collabo between Willy Paul as he features Nadia Mukami.

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It is with deep regret however that the clubs are not operational for Kenyans to go out and enjoy this tune with their friends.

However we cannot dismiss that this jam is a big tune.Whoever brought Willy Paul to the secular world did a good job.No offence but his art on either sides is impeccable.


The song is great feel good song especially when listening to it with a partner. Nikune simply translates to Scratch me’
Willy Paul is itching for a particular scratch, which makes the better part of the song. There’s a lot of repetition in the song but the lyrics are on point.

Mbona kipimo, usinipimie mama
Wakati jasho bado sijamwaga
Sijachoka ndio naanza sasa
Utamu wa mahaba ndio naleta mama.

Despite the Shaky camera noticeable during the video. The video is on fleek featuring just the two artists and one vixen. They do this song justice. The dancing these two artists showcase is  super sensual.

Nadia Mukami is setting standards high for female artists in the Kenyan music scene. She has taken the airwaves by storm dropping hit after hit. Having started just a few years ago Nadia has done several songs including: Maombi, Kesi, Si Rahisi, African lover, Ikamate hiyo and many others. She has also done collabos with artists such as, Mario, Sailors, Arrow bwoy,
From Mwana mkunaji and now ” Nikune,”  Willy Paul has kept on blazing new trails and has not allowed anything to stop him. He has an endless list of hits to his name as well as successful collabos with different artists in East Africa. The shift from gospel to secular didn’t dim his light as an artist.

Well, for these two artists the sky is not the limit. The Club banger these two have produced is worth the 100 million promised to artists by the president last week. Mkunaji atawezana lakini? I mean watch the video and tell us what you think.
Rating 9/10




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