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Yemi Alade regrets: This by far is my worst trip to Nairobi… No devil! Not today!

June 10, 2019 at 09:37
Yemi Alade regrets: This by far is my worst trip to Nairobi... No devil! Not today!

Nigeria´s songbird, Yemi Alade speaks after being blasted for missing her performance in Nairobi just Saturday.

¨Tomorrow Leaders¨ Festival, organised by Morgan Heritage was an event anticipated by many in the Kenyan borders based on fact that the industry´s big shots would be present.

However, couple did disappoint with Yemi Alade topping the list.

Fortunate enough, she expresses her regrets for failing to turn up because of the weather changes in Nairobi city.

Up on her Insta stories, the Woman of Steel articulates:

This by far is my worst trip to Nairobi.

But I won´t let this one experience ruin the love I have for this beautiful place!

No devil! Not today!

I say not today!

Apparently, Yemi Alade had called in sickly due to bad weather after Morgan Heritage´s, Gramps Morgan broke the news to fans.




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