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“You can’t even afford to fuel 1 of my cars!” Producer Magix Enga continues to shade Harmonize

November 15, 2019 at 08:00
“You can’t even afford to fuel 1 of my cars!” Producer Magix Enga continues to shade Harmonize



If you thought that Magix Enga was trolling Harmonize in order to give fans something to talk about — then you’re wrong!

Magix Enga and Harmonize

For the past few days, Magix Enga has been sharing posts asking the Bongo singer to delete the song from his YouTube but his plea seems to be falling on deaf ears.

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Well, producer Magix Enga has once again gone ahead to ask Harmonize to pull down Uno which he claims the Bongo star copy pasted from Dundaing produced by Enga and things are getting heated!

Magix Enga throws shade

According to the renowned music producer, he is now tired and will pull Uno down if Harmonize continues to ignore him.

Thanks to a post seen by Ghafla, Magix Enga has told Harmonize not to offer him any money since he can’t even afford to fuel the cars he rolls around with. Enga wrote;

for those who think I’m doing this for shit you call Kiki .. This is different🌏 Alafu kibro.. i don’t want your tz money 😏 cz you can’t even afford to fuel 1 of my 🚗 🤴 Delete that Remix i’m giving you seven days start counting 🤘🏾
#NyokaYaShaba Dropping Anytime Soon All Stars Project

Magix Enga

Not quite sure how things will turn out but chances are that Harmonizes new management will try to resolve this…. I mean wasn’t Magix Enga accused of stealing the same beat from Olamide?

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