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“You can’t take me down’ Vera Sidika sends final message to Otile after shaming him recently

November 21, 2018 at 09:10
"You can't take me down' Vera Sidika sends final message to Otile after shaming him recently

Vera Sidika has been talking a lot about Otile Brown lately.

The socialite exposed the mellow singer for allegedly being a one minute man and sucking( OK, maybe not the right word) in bed.

All this time, Otile has remained silent publicly. Apparently, Vera has come out to claim that Otile has been tarnishing her name away from the public eye and is trying everything to make sure her saloon collapses.

“No regrets only lessons. Plus; Mr. O.B if u think tarnishing my salon name will make u prosper, it won’t. My ex tried it with Veetox and months later I launched my salon and God made sure he sees the success before karma caught up with him and ended up in jail in UAE. I’m a wonderful lady with a clean heart. That’s always taken advantage of. But God always got me and karma,” wrote Vera.

Not personal

She went on to wish Otile all the best and say that she did not expose the him to bring him down but rather to teach others a lesson.

“Lastly I speak about this to teach others. Not ati ruin him, take him down blah blah. I can’t take him down. I’m not God! He’s still gonna do him and succeed. So am I. coz his density isn’t tied to me. My destiny isn’t tied to him either. I wish him well. For everyone thinking oh it’s a stunt. Nah it isn’t 1st break up wasn’t either. It’s over for good and never shall you see the 2 anywhere together. I promised Jalang’o 1m if we ever get back and I truly mean it. I’m done for good I swear,” said Vera.






  1. Time is slowly exposing you ma’am for the dirty and bitter woman you are.

  2. Otile Brown this,Otile Brown that…if the break up was clean and final why are you dragging the public to your past issues. Move on quietly with your honor intact otherwise you are making everyone doubt your sanity

  3. Vera alichoma picha sana

  4. I no longer listen to otile songs since the breakup. No hard feelings though. Nkt!

  5. Verah you are truely a bitter woman! What are you so worked up about. You have clearly put it that Otile is a lousy lover with a kajulubeng that never satisfied you!! Then why is the break off such a bitter pill for you to swallow? Accept and move on, Otile world does not revolve around you!!

  6. Hell hath no furry like a woman scorned. Why is Vera filling the world with her wrath. Just move is too short. No need compromising your image gal?

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