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“You complete my life” Shaffie Weru’s touching message to daughter as she turns 6

April 08, 2020 at 14:07
"You complete my life" Shaffie Weru's touching message to daughter as she turns 6

Revered media personality, Shaffie Weru’s youngest daughter, Nia turned 6 and he can never be more proud.

Yesterday, the 7th of April, Nia, a daughter he sired with Joan Mwihaki, clocked 6 years of age.

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Up on his Instagram, the Switch TV presenter showed some love to his baby girl terming her as ‘a child who completes his life’.

Shaffie Weru with baby mama, Joan and daughter, Nia

He put up two photos of his birthday girl, one where she was still young as he clutched firmly onto her, and a recent one, all-grown and beautiful.

And for that, he expressed deep gratitude for her presence in his life.

As the number 6 symbolizes completion, you, my beloved child, complete my life, and for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I wish you the greatest birthday of them all!

Shaffie Weru with daughter, Nia

Shaffie went ahead to declare that despite the current crisis the world is facing, no one would take away the day’s blessings.

Further praying for her well-being and her safety even as she looks forward to many more years.

Corona or No Corona today it’s all about you my heartbeat I love you to the moon en back en I pray that Allah will keep you healthy x Safe en strong for many more years to come…

Shaffie’s grown daughter, Nia


Shaffie is a father of three: two daughters and one son.

Milan Arafa is his first daughter from Tatuu band member, Debbie Asila while Nia is his second daughter.

Milan recently graduated from highschool where she studied in the US.

Shaffie Weru with daughter, Milan

His sons names are: Tyron Njambari who is probably well grown by now.





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